Bordeaux 1870 – Life is hard on the moor.

If Flore, a shepherd’s daughter, is not married by autumn, she must go into service and lose everything she holds dear.

Back from the French army, the dashing Ricar has set her heart and body on fire. Will he propose to her before it is too late?

Martial, the viscount’s son, adores Flore from afar, aware that she can never be his. When a betrayal and a forest fire put Flore’s life in danger, Martial seizes his chance, grabs Flore’s hand and takes her to safety in Paris, hoping they might start afresh. But war looms…

Will it bring them together or tear them apart?

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An emotionally charged novel that intertwines the lives of Marceau, a talented drummer, with the struggles of Mari-jo and Mackenzie in Haiti.

Guadeloupe – When Marceau disappears at the eve of a big contract, the band send Jessie, his girl-friend to the French island of Guadeloupe to unravel the truth behind his disappearance, but the man Jessie pursues is nothing like the Marceau she once knew in Oxford. Who is Marceau really and what is he hiding?

Haiti – After a terrible earthquake, Mari-Jo and Mackenzie are desperate to escape Haiti and the spell that prevents them from starting a family. Their flight takes them along dangerous routes across the Caribbean Sea.

Born Under the Wrong Sun paints a vivid portrait of the battles, triumphs, and the enduring hope that drive them forward.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant landscapes of the Caribbean and prepare to be swept away on an extraordinary journey filled with mystery, love, love and the resilience of the human spirit. This is a novel that will linger in your heart long after you have turned the last page.


What unsavoury aristocrats will Orla uncover in her search for her French ancestry?

When Orla decides to leave Dublin for France to trace her biological father, a French aristocrat, her quest takes her from Paris to a forgotten village in the Cévennes. A rich tapestry of love and loss, the story sweeps through the chic world of the Parisian aristocracy, the student revolts of May 68 and ends in present time with, in the background, the terrible legend of the Gévaudan Beast that for Orla, may prove to be more than a myth.

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The Bear and the Basque

The Bear and the Basque: A quirky mystery with an extra shot of French cuisine.

Lose yourself in the majestic Pyrenees with chef Chloe as she untangles the secrets of her grandfather’s past.

When her grandfather died, Chloe promised she would take his ashes back to France, but as soon as she reaches his native village, things begin to go wrong. There is even an attempt to poison her. Undaunted, she inveigles herself into the community and pairs up with Xavier to uncover the truth about her family.

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Michèle Callard grew up in France and swapped her Parisian flat for a cottage in rural Bedfordshire that she shares with her Irish husband and son. She has published three novels to date, each set in a different part of France.

France is a patchwork of regions bursting with local colour, flavours and history that you will soon be invited to discover by hopping onto her characters’ coat tails.

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Le Larzac

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The Bear and the Basque

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Le Siège De Paris

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